Personalized shopping experience

Across All Shopping Channels

Find out the best products without transforming yourself into a mini detective - looking for clues, and piecing together information to find the best deal possible, without bringing up your google search bar and browse websites and blogs for coupons and discounts.

Promote Exclusive Targeted Offers

to Drive Sales and Meet Revenue Goals

Cureality promote in real time targeted special offers that might interest you, based on the products a customer is looking for.

The widget allows you to run popup ads & offers you might actually be interested. We give you the option to hold sales and use promo codes to help entice shoppers.

Promote offers, coupons, discounts and deals for Customer Loyalty.

Free Shipping, Free Gift, Prelaunch Offers, Holiday/Season Offers, Referral Offers, First Time Shopper Offer, Volume/Cart Size, Exit Intent Offer, Retargeting Offer

Effectively utilize offers to meet your objectives, building customer loyalty and increasing revenues.

Use Price Comparison
to Your Advantage

The power to choose favorite items at the
lowest available prices

At any given time, a customer is probably in some sort of buying stage, thinking about the different types of things which want or need to eventually buy, the widget is going to find the best ones at the best price, and where and how will buy them.

Cureality widget doesn't show to e-tailers how they can sell, but how they can help customers with the right information & offers in every essential buying situation.