Empower Your Buying Decisions
Cureality provide valuable social information to
determine overall buyer satisfaction, using a
proprietary algorithm which factors in quality,
sentiment, quantity and recency of mentions. The
score, appears at the top of widget, shows the average social satisfaction & reflects the aggregate of all individual mentions for a particular product.
The mentions are:

  • Pure: Completely organic.
  • Fresh: Constantly generated in real time by users information.
  • Global: Reflect reviews from around the world.
  • Unbiased: Based on the good and the bad.
  • Helpful, First-Hand: Based on other substantial experiences
  • Relevant: Reading others mentions to understand what an experience with the product might be like
Turn mentions into a buying decision.

Intergrate easily

Use our Widget to display beautiful and informative visual summaries - mentions within your software application, websites, e-shops of any kind, first by finding a DOM/CSS Selector that matches all the product names you would like to inhance with social content, second by inserting a single line of code which is available for seamless integration with your internal portal.

Powerful Social Curation

Effectively search and filter results by relevance or engagement*

Results are instantly refreshed and sortable by category and score calculator system

Fully customizable, whether on PC, Smartphone or Tablet - XXX widget can be embedded and used in any device and can be fully customized

Get access to millions of mentions per day
delivered by our crawlers.

*Search, sort and filter mentions using criteria, including quality, quantity, country, gender, language, topic,
influence, relevance, time period and media type, analyze sentiment in 200+ languages.
Buyer's Essentials through Analytics

Cureality provides out-of-the-box insights into online user behavior powered by our artificial intelligence algorithm, leveraging end-to-end monitoring of every single customer journey, and delivers detailed reports & statistics at the moment the buyers need to see it, providing them with essential information.


Assess the satisfaction of each of your customers in real-time on every products by scoring system


Segment customer behavior analytics by satisfaction, quality, prices, device, location, app version and many more


Analyses mentions (user experience), conversion metrics, bounce rates and traffic