Billions of online user - generated
mentions freshly filtered

MENTIONS play an influential role in consumers' buying decisions. Cureality collects mentions, videos & photos, from all social
media sources for any products, tracks and tweaks their interactions and their brand voice online in a rapid and efficient manner.

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Friendly Customer Shopping Journey in less time

Cureality bring to your customers in real time next to any product, important valuable social
information, so customers can effectively make a purchase decision before ever interacting
with a product in person, basing it solely on others true online experiences - mentions.

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Social Curated Content Reality
reframe the Industries and the way they do business

Every industry trends are coming full circle with a better
understanding of online shopping

Helpful Cureality widget specifically tailored for different markets and industries.

Our Social Curated Content Reality

The Best in Data Quality & Coverage


Real-time collecting of social media mentions around the world about products across all the channels.


Intuitive social media analytics, making sense of data using strong curation features.


Transforming relevant data by a scoring system into one unique score reflecting the real quality of social media mentions.

Curate Results

Curating the most relevant information about a particular product into a single sector category...

Digital influence

Looking for faster social response times and better social curation resolution?
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Content Curation Reality is more than an
information source it is a key selling tool.